Meet Doppler, Our Ambassador of Hope!

This little Green baby sea turtle was found in a nest during an emergency excavation, still in his shell, with his yoke attached back in July.
While hopes for his survival were almost non-existent, thanks to our Save-A-Turtle Team, along with Bettie and all the great folks at
The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, he made it and was released back into the ocean!
He is now our little ambassador and will be a symbol of Hope for all Sea Turtles that hatched before Irma, and for all of those in the future.

Please click directly on video to view.


Hurricane Irma Update, Oct 1, 2017

Unfortunately, the Florida Keys were hit with a devastating Cat 4 hurricane on Sept 10th, with the eye coming ashore in Big Pine and Cudjoe Keys.
Her wrath was furious, causing major damage to nearly 90% of the homes throughout the island chain.
And she didn’t spare our beaches either.  Most of the beaches have been severely damaged, compromising all of the remaining nests.
The shore line has changed and many beaches are gone.

Save-A-Turtle, whose home base is located in Big Pine Key, took a personal hit as well, and our beautiful Education Trailer has sustained major damage, and may not be reparable.
The trailer housed all of our education materials, lighting education displays, videos and electronics, and all of our merchandise.  (Check out our Turtle Trailer Page)
Every beach walker,  board member and officer sustained damage to their homes, some even catastrophic.
And due to the conditions of the beaches, we are unable to continue our daily walks in search of new nests, as conditions are just not safe along the shore line at this time.

However, we have a great spirit and a great group of people, and we will recover and be back.  Our Board Members and Officers are planning a meeting very soon to begin the recovery process for next years turtle season.

With that said, we are in dire need of donations so that we may replenish our nesting supplies and education materials for upcoming events after the New Year.
Donations are always appreciated and even more so at this critical time.
Please click the DONATE button above, or ADOPT A BABY TURTLE on our Getting Involved page.

We thank you for your support, past, present and future!

Please check back every few weeks for info on our recovery.
Flippers Up!



September 2017

Movie Night at the Tropic Cinema  Cancelled due to Hurricane Irma
Key West
Sunday, Sept 17th
6:00 – 9:00pm
Tickets:  $20
Tickets are limited and may be purchased directly through the Tropic Cinema
or by clicking the link below:

Film makers will be on hand before and after the movie for Q&A

Proceeds from this event go to Save-A-Turtle!


August 2017

We have had so many exciting hatch-ling events over the past few weeks!
Please click on the Sept 2017 Newsletter Link for some adorable photos and updates!



JULY 2017

SAT Members not only enjoy helping turtles in the Fla Keys, but globally as well.
Beach walkers Donna & Bill recently enjoyed this green turtle encounter in Bonaire:

“This was our swimming buddy in Bonaire. We were diving at the Alice in Wonderland
site in about 40 feet of water. An amazing adventure!”


SAT Member Sherri Crilly was lucky enough to have this Kemp’s Ridley turtle swim up to
her at one of her favorite snorkel spots in the Lower Keys.  A rare sighting for our waters!