Sadly, Hurricane Irma destroyed our Save-A-Turtle Education Trailer, which housed ALL of our merchandise.
With that said, we are starting over and desperately need to raise money for the 2018 Education and Turtle Nesting Season

Please consider purchasing a LIMITED EDITION “I Survived Irma” T-Shirt featuring Doppler, our little preemie from this season.

Adult & Youth Sizes Available   $16.99 + shipping

100% Pre-Shrunk Gilden Cotten Tee featuring our little preemie from this past turtle season.
This little Green baby sea turtle named Doppler, was found in a nest during an emergency excavation, still in his shell, with his yoke attached. While hopes for his survival were almost non-existent, thanks to our Save-A-Turtle Team, along with Bettie and all the great folks at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, he made it and was released back into the ocean!
He is now our Ambassador of  Hope for the survival of all baby  Sea Turtles hatched prior to “Irmageddon”!


When you order from us you get great turtle merchandise, and you’re supporting our education and research programs
and are helping to Save-A-Turtle!