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Save-A-Turtle T-SHIRTS

Our colorful t-shirts sport our unique logo.
Shirts are available in adult sizes only and are 100% cotton.
Available in Hot Pink, Gray, Blue or Purple.
$15 + shipping

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Show your S-A-T pride with this great vanity plate for your vehicle.
Made of sturdy, fade-resistant polyvinyl.
A great deal at $18.00 each + shipping

Because of Nickel, The Adventures os a Used Turtle Salesman

Features the story of the author’s lifelong attachment to his animal friends and his decade long quest to find homes for non- releasable sea turtles like his friend Nickel the sea turtle at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. A continuation of Jim Gamlin’s preceding book, “A Home for Nickel“, this
story chronicles the many dedicated animal care people he meets during his journey along with the often poignant story of a life fully surrendered to his animal companions. This is a must read!

$17.95 +  shipping
A portion of all books sold goes to help Save-A-Turtle!

Tank Tops

Hot Pink , Gray, Blue & Purple in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
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T-Shirts for the Little ones!
Features “Satie” and proudly states “I Helped Save A Turtle”
Toddler Sizes 2T, 3t, 4t
Available in  Light Blue, Dark Blue and Hot Pink
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Hot Pink and Purple
Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
V necks are special order may take extra time for delivery.
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Limited time Wyland ,Save A Turtle T-shirts

Limited time Wyland ,Save A Turtle T-shirts

Exclusive WYLAND SAT Logo Design T-Shirt
Adult & Children’s Sizes

USA made and 50% organic cotton and 50% RPET recycled polyester!!
Adults Sizes Small , Medium & Large  $35
Adults Xl & 2XL  $40
Children’s Small & Medium  $25 (Available in Black Only)
+ shipping

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Exclusive WYLAND SAT Logo Designed Beach Towel
36″ x 60″  100% Cotton.  Made in the USA.
$40 + shipping

Exclusive WYLAND SAT Logo Hats

Cool looking and comfortable to wear!
Available in Beige, Gray and Black
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2 Great Stories!

For Adults:  “A Home For Nickel, A Sea Turtle’s Story”
Author Jim Gamlin’s original story, A Home for Nickel is the true story of a lovable green sea turtle’s struggle for survival and the people who make it happen stretching across the continent from the Florida Keys to Hawaii, Canada, and Chicago, Illinois. Throughout Pete’s journey, Jim  shares fascinating tidbits about turtles and the people who love them. Join Pete as he begins his life buried under the sand, rushes to the ocean, and launches into his incredible journey. The chain of events that happen next are serendipitous and miraculous.
Get ready to be inspired by this amazing shelled survivor.
$18 plus shipping

For Children: “Lucky Nickel, The Story of Nickel, the Sea Turtle”
$18 plus shipping
A portion of all books sold goes to help Save-A-Turtle!

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle  14 oz
with our Exclusive Wyland Logo
$12 + shipping

We’re celebrating the first nest of the season!
Limited Time Offer!

Plastics are one of the deadliest forms of debris to marine life floating in our Oceans.
Tons of plastic products are ingested daily by marine life, including turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish.
By using stainless steel water bottles and straws (see below), you can make a huge difference in saving the life of a precious marine animal.

Stainless Steel Straws 4 Pk
$15 + shipping

Say NO to Plastic Straws!  Plastic straws are detrimental to marine life!
Reduce your plastic footprint on our planet & in our oceans.
8 1/2″ long with a larger diameter make them perfect for everything from water to smoothies!
Dishwasher Safe