A Letter from Our President

“I have many goals to continue to grow Save-A-Turtle of the Florida Keys, Inc. which include continuing to recruit new members; continue our educational efforts regarding threats to sea turtles concerning lighting issues, pollution, sea level rise, and loss of habitat, and continue to grow the stranding and salvage network for sea turtles within the Florida Keys. In order to do this, I will also focus efforts on fundraising for our non-profit organization. Save-A-Turtle of the Florida Keys, Inc. plans to partner with other like-minded organizations for joint fundraising efforts, as well as continue our presence at all local and grassroots festivals, events, and celebrations to show our presence in the Keys, and excite people young and old about imperiled sea turtles.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as President, and plan to maximize my efforts during my tenure. Along with Save-A-Turtle’s dedicated array of Board members I’m confident all these goals will be met and exceeded. I call upon all members to help us spread the vital message about endangered and threatened sea turtles and encourage your friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances to join our organization. Here in the Florida Keys there is much work to be done, and I truly look forward to this opportunity to do my part.

Harry Appel, President, Save-A-Turtle of the Florida Keys, Inc.”


Pictures below show permitted Save A Turtle Officers & Board Members during post hatch nest excavations and educating residents of the Florida Keys about our sea turtles with our Turtle Trailer.


2017 Board of Directors

President: Harry Appel
Vice-President: Michael Bier
Secretary: Darcie Via
Treasurer: Dottie Moses
Technical Advisor: Sue Schaf

2017 Board Members:
Randy Beck
Vivian Beck
Sherri Crilly
Jen DeMaria
Randy Beck
Tracyee Zander
Alternate:  Allen Morris

2016-2017  Intern:
Darcie Via