Whether you are a resident of the Keys or a “virtual visitor”; you can help by becoming a member of Save-A-Turtle or by adopting a baby turtle, or by simply clicking our secure “Donate” PayPal button. Membership and adoption fees will support sea turtle conservation efforts.

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Adoption Certificates: Adoptive parents will receive an individual certificate for turtles adopted.  These certificates are suitable for framing and make great gifts.  You may specify yourself or your gift recipient as the adoptive parent, and each certificate includes a photo of your baby turtle(s).  Please note that this adoption is symbolic and does not convey ownership or the right to possess any sea turtle or sea turtle product.  All photos are of hatchlings that have been released into the wild.  No adoptive turtles remain in captivity.
Adoption rates*:

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*Approximately $5.00 of each adoption pays for printing, photography, and materials.  The remainder of the fee goes directly into turtle programs.

The Robert Jensen Endowment Fund:
Would you like to give a perpetual gift to sea turtle conservation?  The Robert Jensen Endowment Trust is a living endowment which accepts tax-deductible contributions to fund sea turtle conservation.  For more information on the Fund, please contact us at .

To join, adopt, or contribute to the Jensen Fund, please use the secure PayPal button or download and print this New Membership Form 2013 and return it with your check.